American Express Stupidity

Let me start off my saying this: I despise the word stupid. Despise may not even be strong enough to describe the loathing I have for the word stupid.

I feel calling a person stupid remains one of the worst insults one can use. It’s a word that I rarely use. That being said, I reserve the use of “stupid” for extreme acts that amaze me with their unique sense of illogical function.

Take for example American Express.

A few days ago I posted about American Express outsourcing call centers from the United States. As a result of one of my calls with American Express I was asked to complete an online survey. I did, and I let them know my honest opinions.

The survey, most likely combined with our stopping use of the card, prompted a call from American Express to the bakery. When you call the bakery, you are advised that “this call may be monitored or recorded.”

I answer the call (from a blocked caller id) and was greeted by “this is so and so with American Express calling from a recorded line, is Fred Posner there?”

I said, “Yes, this is a recorded line.” The caller repeated (while the beep tone played in the background) that she was calling from a recorded line regarding my survey.

I again said, “Yes, this call is recorded.”

Here’s where American Express went full stupid:

AMEX: “Mr. Posner, if you are recording this call, I will be unable to speak with you.”

FRED: “I thought you were recording this call, no?”

AMEX: “Yes, we are recording this call, but if you are recording this call, I will have to disconnect.”

FRED: “This makes no sense. Why can you record the call and I can’t?”

beeping continues

AMEX: “I will be unable to speak with you if you record this call.”

FRED: “This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. If you record the call I will as well. If you don’t want to record the call, I will stop only when you do.”

AMEX: Click.

As I said, I reserve the word stupid for rare occasions of amazing illogical non-sense. This was a perfect example of what I consider stupid.

By Fred Posner

Fred Posner provides VoIP consulting services through The Palner Group and In 2010, Fred and his wife, Yeni Monroy, opened Bearkery, in Gainesville, Florida. Contact Fred at Even better, make Yeni happy and buy a cookie!

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=) The funny thing is that later that night Yeni had a call with a national company where the rep called her a “not so lovely” name as he transferred her… because we have the call recorded we have proof. Now debating whether to post it.

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