You may not have known… I love watches.

Since I was a little kid, I’ve loved having different watches and have amassed quite the collection. Now, this isn’t a collector’s collection — this is a collection of watches that Fred wanted.

Sure, I have some nice ones here and there (my parents brought me back a Cartier from a trip once) but most are important because of their story.

I have a great blue-faced Citizen watch I bought when Peter got married… I have the watch my Aunts had given to Uncle Harry… and recently I bought the watch I’ve always wanted.

g-shock-watch-fred **I’ve always wanted a g-shock.**

The watches I collect don’t have to be fancy. This one is under $50 (including tax and shipping) — but it’s one I’ve wanted since I was kid.

I don’t know why I hadn’t bought one before. I remember being wowed by a watch that wouldn’t break if you accidentally hit a wall (been there) or even submerged in water (been there).

I know when it first came out, it was way too pricey for someone my age. When I could afford the watches I wanted, I was into analog and hadn’t thought of going digital.

But then… memories return.

It’s not the cost of items that bring meaning. Sometimes it’s the story behind the item that brings the value.