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5 years ago, if someone said that I’d be buying an Espresso machine, I would have called them an idiot. I never liked coffee. The taste used to make me dry heave and other than yogurt, was one of my most hated flavors.

But, as we get older, we try new things. Perhaps it was my love of tiramisu. Maybe it was just the dire need of caffeine. But regardless, Fred has developed a taste for Espresso. Funny though… I don’t like a regular brewed coffee.

How much do I like Espresso? Well, there’s a new machine sitting in my kitchen that’s already brewed me 3 cups.

I bought me a cheapo model… but one that would be a decent cup of Espresso and in the long-run, tremendously cheaper than going to Starbucks. 🙂 Sure it’s a steam model, but it uses real coffee (not pods) and tasted pretty good.

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