Greetings from Vegas and thank you to my Alma Mater, the University of Florida, for a history making domination of college athletics. And an even greater thanks to the State of Nevada for legalizing gambling and allowing me to make some change off of the Gator win. Why? Because when you’re a Gator, you don’t bet that the Gators will beat the spread… you know in your heart that they’ll win and then you bet accordingly. And what if you’re wrong? Then you blame the other guy and smile that you still beat FSU. So a hearty “Fuck you” to all the people who thought that UF shouldn’t have made it to the championship. The SEC is a fucking tough ass conference, and the big win over Ohio should let you know what time it is.
Bellagio is nice… room is great, very high class. Casino is a little rough. We’re not loving the dealers here and lately have been heading to other casinos to gamble… the other dealers just make it a little more enjoyable to lose your money. 🙂

And a big congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Oblander for tying the knot Vegas style!