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Vocabulary — never my favorite subject

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My sister (Hi) used the word “vacillate” today. I kind of picked up on the context but actually had to look up the definition (it means to sway from one side to the other). Which of course started me thinking…

And as I wait for huge files to transfer I have more than enough time to think…

I never really enjoyed vocabulary. Sure there were words here and there that “intrigued” me (legerdemain stands out for some reason)– but I’ve always seemed to speak or write in a conversation style. Hell, most words that I speak are variations of just 1 word. My favorite word… which of course is the F word.

Speaking of words that start with F, I received a great package from Kathy and Guillo today… a case of Fred water. This water is from New York and although it tastes good, my favorite part (besides the name) has to be the flask shaped bottle. You can stack your water, slide it in your car door, put it in your saddle bag, or anything. 🙂

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