Several months ago, my beautiful, tooth-pick of a goddaughter told me her class was reading Bridge to Terabithia. Instantly, I flashbacked to Mrs. Krueger’s 4th grade class and what great books we read that year. Without a doubt, Mrs. Krueger is/was my favorite Elementary School teacher. She really inspired us to read, which unfortunately is something I lost interest in years later. That being said, she also had us read Bridge to Terabithia— which is still, to this day, one of my favorite books.

I’ve always been able to have a feeling of where a story was headed. Not that I’m skilled here or anything… I think that most writers are just predictable. So I think besides Bridge being a great story, my having been completely blindsided by the plot keeps the book fresh on my mind… even 25 years later. (ouch)

So when Emmy told me that they were making a new movie of the book, we promised to go together… just the two of us. This morning, I picked her up (bright an early), sat in the WAYYYY back, watched a lot of previews, and then sat back to enjoy the show.

I loved it. It’s not going to win any awards… not by a long shot. But I really liked the book and thought the movie kept true to it’s spirit and story. Sure, it was updated a little bit for time/date, but it was a good, enjoyable movie. Looked great and was an enjoyable movie to watch.

So it’s only February and I’ve already seen a movie in the theater… go know 🙂