We know that Sinatra— hell, the whole Rat Pack— put’s me in a good mood. Why? Who fucking knows; but that’s neither here nor there. A while ago I stumbled on Sirius Satellite Radio, thinking it would make the trip to Fort Lauderdale go nicely. After all, how many years can you listen to Jimmy’s box set?

— Start Digression —
I bought my first brand new vehicle in 94. A Ford Ranger (named Bubba, Forrest’s black friend) that was everything I dreamed of—and more. It had a 6 disk CD changer, which after having a tape player that worked almost never, was something I had only imagined. The first day I brought Bubba home, I put Jimmy Buffett’s 4 disc box set in CD slots 1 – 4 and to this day (even with a different vehicle), slots 1 – 4 are Boats, Ballads, Bars, and Beaches.
— End Digression —

So anyway, after listening to the box set for the last 13 years, I decided to add something new to my trip—and this was Sirius. Well, in the last 13 years I’ve also come to appreciate the Rat Pack and truly enjoy kicking back a stogie (with a bourbon) and having good ol’ Dean, Sammy, or Frank in the background.

Why bring this up? Sirius is launching the Seriously Sinatra channel, which is great news to me. I’ve mostly kept the Buffett channel (Margaritaville) and The Coffee House in the background during the day and switch to Jazz at night (or just good songs like on “The Pulse”). But now with the Sinatra channel, it may just make working from the office even nicer.