Funny how time “flies” when you’re working all the time. I was doing so well with updaing these, too.

Let’s see… what’s happened in the last 30 days? Not much… A LOT of work… New highway bars on the bike… and that’s pretty much it.

I installed the Highway Bars on the bike for my upcoming Fort Lauderdale run… and they’re fantastic. I rode down to Ocala and back taking a detour at the Lake to say hello to the Criminology crew. They were doing the “ropes course” and I took some pics for them (see attached). 🙂

Other than thanking Florida for helping me out in the NCAA pool, not much has been going on.

Oh wait… I know….

I finally got one of my favorite films on DVD… one not many people know of, but one that I love… Harley Davidson and The Marlboro Man. Why is this movie so great? WHY NOT?

First, it’s got Don Johnson in his prime… pop culture references left and right, Mickey Rourke, and good one-liners. Sure, most people don’t like this movie… but I’m not most people. And, my brother David Kronen LOVES the movie just as much as me… so how can two nice Jewish boys be wrong?