Campaign For Liberty, Stop Calling Me!

So, back in 2007 I actually liked what Ron Paul had to say. I liked how he answered questions, but who knows… I also liked what Ross Perot had to say. In fact, maybe it’s just the R.P. initials that makes me interested. We’ll find out for sure if Ru Paul becomes a candidate…

Anyway… I made the mistake of contributing a very small donation to Ron Paul’s campaign. Well, Ron Paul became the Campaign for Liberty and now, they somehow think I want to be a member. And they won’t stop calling me.

I’ve asked them 5 times, left messages, sent emails… but the calls keep coming. So, today I tried a new approach. I’m demanding money from them. Here’s the letter:

March 25, 2009

Campaign for Liberty
Attention: Amanda Lee
6186 Old Franconia Rd Ste B
Alexandria VA 22310

Dear Amanda Lee,

Pursuant to provisions provided to me by the laws of the State of Florida and the United States of America, I hereby demand that you cease and desist making phone calls to me and provide immediate payment in the amount of $3,000.00 USD.

Payment to me in the amount of $3,000.00 USD and the ceasing of all phone calls will satisfy this issue. Non-compliance of my request by April 30, 2009 will result in the filing of a civil suit seeking the full fines/penalties afforded to me by law; well in excess of the amount requested above.

This document has been sent after requesting verbally, via your message system and live agents, that phone calls stop no less than 5 times; starting from February 12, 2009 through March 25, 2009. A list of known calls:

  • 2009-02-12 16:26:45 2027309944
  • 2009-02-17 06:10:24 2027309944
  • 2009-03-07 08:22:16 2027309944
  • 2009-03-11 17:40:47 2027309944
  • 2009-03-13 12:10:02 2027309944
  • 2009-03-14 08:14:02 2027309944
  • 2009-03-16 16:58:29 2027309944
  • 2009-03-17 06:44:17 2027309944
  • 2009-03-18 12:00:50 2027309944
  • 2009-03-21 08:40:51 2027309944
  • 2009-03-24 13:12:56 2027309944
  • 2009-03-25 10:53:58 2027309944

Payment should be made to:

Fred Posner
My Address

Very Truly Yours,

Fred Posner

Let’s see what happens.



Fred Posner 2009-03-26 Reply

posted a new blog post: Ron Paul Campaign For Liberty, stop calling me.

Rick Pallisso 2009-04-01 Reply

Freddie….did you a get any response from this? Just curious!

Fred Posner 2009-04-01 Reply

Not yet brother!

Tyler 2009-04-03 Reply

I have gotten at least that many calls, and at odd hours as well. Let me know if they stop, because I’ve tried everything. I also made the mistake of donating 25 dollars to the RP campaign.


Fred Posner 2009-04-03 Reply

So far the calls have stopped since I sent them the demand for payment. I have not received the check however or a response yet.

Rocky 2009-06-26 Reply

I think it’s ridiculous that you would demand 3000 for this. Especially since they are putting such a large effort into saving this country. you should be ashamed of yourself


Fred Posner 2009-06-29 Reply

Really? What should I do when they don’t stop calling? After the first time, I asked them to stop calling. After the second time, I asked them to stop calling. After the third time, I asked them to stop calling. After the fourth time I asked them to stop calling. (Isn’t this annoying? Imagine if it were more than 10 calls… and they would hang up… and then they were robo calls. And if they can’t comprehend how to do this, they have no business trying to save the country. If you think that someone who can’t work a phone system can help us, you’re sadly mistaken… as I was at one time.

Greg 2009-07-30 Reply

So why don’t you like what he says now? He’s the only politician who has kept to his word and not flip flopped in the past 25 years. Ron Paul’s ideals could have saved this country from the republicons and democraps. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to these puppets, controlled by corporate interests and the government institutions they have infiltrated. Ron Paul is one of the ONLY politician’s out there who is for the people of the United States. Maybe you should do some research and figure out again why you liked him in the first place. Maybe you’ll be writing a check for $3,000 next week, instead of demanding one

Fred Posner 2009-07-30 Reply

Thanks for the comment Greg.

I won’t be writing a check to Campaign for Liberty. I was nice with them at first, and second, and third. I was even generous and supportive with them in the past. All they ended up doing was harassing me and demonstrating that they were too incompetent to even remove a phone number from an automated dialer. If they can’t even manage that simple task, then why would I believe the organization could do anything of merit?

Brian 2009-08-04 Reply

Ron Paul is not a savior, nor is C4L entitled to call Fred after he indicated so. And therein lies the problem – it is the C4L staff (or more likely a company outsourced by his campaign staff) doing the calling. Like all politicians, business owners, and domestic workers, Ron Paul cannot possibly keep track of everything his supporters are doing.

My two cents? My guess is that Greg would not like it if the Al Franken campaign repeatedly called his house despite his stated wishes, and C4L cannot be excused. On the other hand, Fred it is shallow to stop supporting a politician simply because he is unaware of C4L’s phone call issues. If he were aware, perhaps he would stop it, but more importantly, if you believe in what Paul says I’d think you’d prefer he continued working on saving the country versus manning the phone lines. He is not a savior, because only the American people can save themselves – but he can play an integral role to that end.

I think you guys should go have a beer with Obama to discuss your differences.

Victor 2009-08-06 Reply

As far as I’m concerned Ron Paul sold my information. I donated to him and it’s his responsibility to protect my privacy. The buck stops with him. Assuming it’s acceptable to use my information for any other purpose is an abuse of Liberty.

Bottom line is that I never authorized the use of my phone number or home address for anything other than donating to his bid for President. A “Campaign for Liberty” that misuses personal information is not something I will ever support. These calls and mailings need to stop.

B rad 2009-08-06 Reply

Brian, I would not like it if Franken’s folks kept calling me, but then, I would never donate money to him or give him my phone # to begin with.

Victor, I bet you did authorize it when you donated online. You likely just didn’t take the time to read the details and now blame someone else for your lack of responsibility.

Fred Posner 2009-08-06 Reply

B rad,

When the donation was made by me to Ron Paul there was no mention of Campaign for Liberty (it didn’t even exist at the time) nor was there authorization to submit the name / number to other organizations. They didn’t receive authorization from me for other PAC’s / orgs / etc, and of course I cannot speak for anyone else. Typical of this is to just give the info to the new organization since your donation is public record. Public record is not authorization.

Maureen 2009-08-06 Reply

I don’t know who you are, nor do I care. Stop calling me as I don’t want to know what this is all about. I have enough to deal with.

MRev. Kenneth White, Jnr. 2009-08-08 Reply

I am a Libertarian but never supported RP or C4L and I just got the phone call with a dead answer on the other end. I called back after reading all these complaints a little bit later and left a message telling them that their phone system might be getting hijacked or their staff was incompetent in engaging with a constituent that they never had to begin with.

I will keep you updated now that I know there is a reoccouring issue at hand. For those who are being constantly harrassed I would suggest filing a compliant with the FCC and The Commerce Dept. for their infractions against Telecom Interstate Commerce and Consumer Protection Laws etc.

Fred, thanks for the information, sir.

Justin 2009-08-25 Reply

Still no new calls from them? I am thinking about doing the same. Campaign for Liberty will not stop calling me. I have told them several times over the phone and through their website to STOP. Fuck them.

Fred Posner 2009-08-25 Reply

No word from them, but the calls did stop.

oldhick 2009-11-02 Reply

Yeah, I’m suffering from the same harassment. I’ve repeatedly called and demanded that my number be removed from their lists. Often when I answer their calls their is no one on the other end. The few times someone does answer, they refuse to give me their names.

After reading your post I think I will proceed to a registered letter as well.

Fred Posner 2009-11-02 Reply

Maybe we can get enough people and class action them.

Louella 2009-12-01 Reply

If you “class action them” they will be forced to use our donations for your poor little complaints instead of spreading the word.

What a waste of time and money.

Ron Paul is busy trying to educate people – I’m quite sure he doesn’t have time to manage phone lists.

What is wrong with you people?

Fred Posner 2009-12-01 Reply

There’s nothing wrong with me. What’s wrong with you?

Should I be happy that they call me non-stop after asking them not to? I never donated to Campaign for Liberty either… and I don’t appreciate their calls. If Ron Paul cannot effectively delegate the management of a phone list, then what else won’t he have time for?


Carrie Hopkins 2010-01-26 Reply

@ Victor…Nobody sold your information, they are the same source that you VOLUNTARILY gave your info to during Ron Paul’s campaign, nice stretch though. Sold?! LOL! They shouldn’t contact you after you asked them to stop but it was an honest mistake to assume you were interested in Campaign for Liberty after making a contribution to Ron Paul. The movement most certainly didn’t end after he lost the nomination, why should it? If you liked what he was about at that time, you shouldn’t just hang your hat and walk away after he doesn’t win the majority. That’s part of the problem! In that case, did you really whole heartedly support him? I don’t think that’s possible or you wouldn’t be this upset at them trying to get you to continue your participation. Sorry they were such a pain on the phone calls but asking them for money is pretty childish. I’m apart of the group and don’t feel obligated to donate, I try to be active and use the information from the organization to plant seeds of knowledge. All of this ranting seems pretty useless and a waste of good energy, if you’re REALLY looking to change things and inform others!

fratermus 2010-03-06 Reply

After receiving YET ANOTHER robocall I just wrote and mailed a hardcopy asking that CFL stop calling my number.

This was my first political contribution, and if this kind of harrassment is par for the course it will be my last.

Mike 2010-03-09 Reply

I’m experiencing the same problem, though usually I just tell them to put on the robo call and then hang up. I gave up on asking them to stop long ago.

Since this seems to be the place on the internet to talk about this, has anyone else noticed getting tons of crap mail from Republicans asking for donations?

I mean, I donate a little bit to Ron Paul (who is still an upstanding person) and all of a sudden I’m getting letters and fake surveys from Republican organizations and candidates. Seriously? I would never vote for, or donate to, any Republican other than RP.

I am pro health care reform! So here I am, getting all these letters saying, “The Evil Democrats this!” and calls from CFL saying, “The Democrats are ramming unwanted reform through reconciliation” that. This is just getting ridiculous.

I am for *good* government, no matter who runs it or what the ideas are. Not some crazy ideologue or Tea Party fool.

Sending me desperate messages like this just convinces me that these people wouldn’t be good at governing anyway. Using hyperbole and fear to appeal to voters rather than logical reasoning is a sure sign your platform is screwed.

Fred Posner 2010-03-09 Reply

Mike, I get a ton of it… when I remember I scan it and post it here as “more propaganda crap.”

Annoyed 2010-08-18 Reply

Same here, they won’t stop calling even after telling them EVERY SINGLE TIME to remove my number. I will make another donation when *I’M* ready to!! I just put the number in my phonebook on my phone and now I have it automatically go to voicemail. I love Ron Paul, but this is just ridiculous!!!!

Matt 2010-09-01 Reply

I am in the same exact boat as you. The CFL doesn’t do much of anything. They just seem to be an organization riding on the coat tails of RP. I have told them to stop calling because based on there website they do nothing.

John 2010-09-07 Reply


Thanks for the tip about demanding harassment money, it’s 9:09AM right now Sept 7 2010 and they just woke me up! I’ve asked them three times already to take me off their list and they still repeatedly call at different times of the day!! I used to follow RP back in the 2008 election so i donated 10 bux and now they harass me constantly! Ron Paul’s image have been damaged ever since the Tea Party was hijacked by ignorant racists. I will do the same as you thank you.

Suzie Butler 2010-09-20 Reply

I also contributed to Ron Paul in the past — but for weeks now I have been getting calls from that number/Connectme but when I pick up, there is no one there. I blocked the number on my phone but it still rings one time, enough for me to start to head for the phone. Tonight, my Caller ID shows a call at 6:32, 6:48, 7:05 and 7:21 PM — that’s 4 in an hour! Made me mad enough to file a Complaint with the FCC. I have done this before with other annoying calls and they immediately stopped. Suggest anyone still getting these call also file a complaint.

Pat 2010-12-15 Reply

It appears this call is from Ron Paul. He has shown us in yet another way that he isn’t who he claims to be. Anybody who understands his likely supporters would NEVER call a number they have NEVER been given. My privacy is important to me, and Ron Paul, with the claims he makes, should understand this. I don’t want to be harassed by the government, and I don’t want to be harassed by Ron Paul. This shows a basic lack of respect for the individual. I don’t give people my phone number because I do not want to be called. They had to go to some trouble to get it. If they are representing Ron Paul, the buck stops with him. Since he’s allowing it, he is responsible. Once more, Ron Paul has shown that he is a hypocrite.

John Doe 2011-07-25 Reply

I get the calls too and find it annoying, but wow do some of you ninnies blow this out of proportion. Something’s not right if just a simple phone call a couple times a month is enough to throw you into a rage and start threatening frivolous lawsuits.

How about just don’t answer the call? Or hang up when you find out who they are? Is that really so hard?

And it is even more absurd to somehow say this changes your opinion of Ron Paul. I got news for you – every politician and political group ever builds lists of people who gave donations and contact them again later asking for another. It isn’t some kind of outrageous fuck up…it’s the way things are done.

Fred Posner 2011-07-25 Reply

Hi “John”,

I asked them to stop calling me no less than 5 times– both written and verbal. They called me 12 times afterwards; including two calls made to me before 7am. I couldn’t get them to stop until the above action.

Guess what? No more calls.

The question to you is why couldn’t they get off their ass before I threatened them? Because they don’t care. Ron Paul wants to run for a position where the buck stops with him. If he can’t even control his phone solicitations, why should you think he can run the country?

Also, “John Doe” nice. When I post a comment, I have the cajones to use my name…

Joe Nunya 2011-07-28 Reply

what a dirtbag you are! no wonder you don’t support ron paul. we don’t want to stand with extortionists like you. sounds like you might be ripe for the obama re-election campaign.

give me 3k, i’m entitled because you called me and asked me to get off my extra fat ass and stand up for liberty.

eeeeffffff you.

Fred Posner 2011-07-28 Reply

“Joe Nunya.” As a personal note, I truly become amazed over people, such as “Joe Nunya” who like to talk big but don’t have the fucking balls to even list their name. Sure… I’m the dirtbag for being upset at getting calls at 6 in the morning from a company who I’ve asked to stop calling me. It’s me, not the piece of worthless shit company that won’t stop harassing me, that’s the dirtbag. But, once I’ve had enough of their calls, their hangups, their harassment, their continued ignorance of my polite requests to not receive such calls and make a threat of legal action they all of the sudden stop. So, Mr. “Nunya,” why would you say I’m a dirtbag and the company that calls me 3 times a week at all times of the day/night is perfectly an outstanding American.

An Obama supporter? You’re an idiot. A ball-less idiot. My ass, by the way, is just fat enough. I stand up and take action for liberty on a daily basis, using my real name too.

Dan Gill 2013-08-21 Reply

The reason you stopped getting phone calls has nothing to do with your frivolous demand for money. The FTC has very clear guidelines on removing someone from a calling list. Let’s be brutally honest here, the people calling you from any political campaign are likely not getting paid much, if at all. Do you expect them to be great at their job? You are supposed to make these requests in writing. That is the reason you were removed, they likely laughed at your “demands.” As for the whole “selling them your information” nonsense, it is nothing more than nonsense. He started the C4L, there was no selling as he simply used his own list to develop a list for the organization that he founded. Later, upon his bid for President in 2012, he had to formally remove himself from the organization based on FEC rules.

This goes for any organization whatsoever, including debt collectors. If you want them to stop calling, you write a letter. If they keep calling you after that, then you may be entitled to a lawsuit based on the specifics of the case and FTC regulations.

You can start your search here on how to limit unwanted calls:

Fred Posner 2013-08-21 Reply

The reason you stopped getting phone calls has nothing to do with your frivolous demand for money. The FTC has very clear guidelines on removing someone from a calling list. Let’s be brutally honest here

You didn’t read all the steps I took did you?

First, there’s a political exception. So even though they already called a number that had been on a Do Not Call list, and continued to call after being asked to be removed, they kept calling… even after the hours that they are “allowed.”

Why allowed in quotes?

Because the politicians excused themselves from this law.

Your advice here is useless.

Dan Gill 2013-08-21 Reply

“I’ve asked them 5 times, left messages, sent emails… but the calls keep coming.” An email is not a letter. I read it, perhaps you don’t remember what you wrote so long ago.

What is useless is your rant when you would have accomplished this at the very beginning by writing a letter, not an email, not a phone call, a letter.

Let’s see, it is well after April 30, 2009 and it appears they never did “satisfy this issue” by paying your outrageous fee. Did you file a civil suit as you threatened? If you did, I’m guessing it was laughed out of court; however, it is more likely you didn’t bother as deep down you recognize you had no case whatsoever and your demands were useless.

Anyone that is interested in knowing how to ACTUALLY get removed from any call list, can feel free to check out the FTC details at the link I provided. That has better advice than someone that drones on without knowing what they are talking about.

Fred Posner 2013-08-21 Reply

Anyone that is interested in knowing how to ACTUALLY get removed from any call list, can feel free to check out the FTC details at the link I provided.

Again, which won’t stop the above… since it’s specifically exempted from call list prohibitions. But, keep complaining about how useless this is. I’ve not received a call from them since this was posted and the demand was sent.

Dan Gill 2013-08-21 Reply

Again, which won’t stop the above… since it’s specifically exempted from call list prohibitions. But, keep complaining about how useless this is. I’ve not received a call from them since this was posted and the demand was sent.

Because you finally sent a letter. Your demands were useless, your letter was effective and would have been effective the first time had you tried it. An email is not a letter.

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