Telemarketers Schmelemarketers

GRRRRR Telemarketers!
GRRRRR Telemarketers!

Today I posted some recordings I made using something I like to call the “Annoyatron.” Basically, using Asterisk (the open source Internet Telephony software) allows me to handle incoming calls based on a variety of issues.

Bottom Line: If I know you’re a telemarketer, you get the annoyatron.

The full article is posted on VoIP Tech Chat.

You know… while you’re checking out the link above, try other articles on VoIP Tech Chat… lots of great things to read. Some are even… dare I say… entertaining?

Take for example that link above… it has audio of the annoyatron in action. And not just one example. Please, that would be amateur. Friends, I say friends, we here have for your listening pleasure not 1 but 2, I say TWO great examples of the FIS Annoyatron. Come one, come all, welcome to the show!

By Fred Posner

Fred Posner provides VoIP consulting services through The Palner Group and For ten years, Fred helped his wife, Yeni Monroy, run Bearkery®, a family bakery in Gainesville, Florida. The bakery sadly closed during the COVID19 pandemic. Contact Fred at

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