[Baby Forrest and Thin Fred][1]
Baby Forrest and Thin Fred

Ah… getting older. I’ve noticed that as I have aged, the hair line recedes and the gut expands. Not truly the look I dreamed about as I pictured myself approaching forty, but the look I’ve achieved nonetheless. Speaking of forty…

Jimmy Buffett’s “A Pirate Looks at Forty” remains one of my all time favorite songs. I don’t know why, but for more than 20 years I just have simply loved that song. The thought of now being closer to 40 than 30 brings a different appreciation of the song… and well… just is simply an odd feeling. Anyway, as usual I digress…

So, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve well… I’ve become more rotund. I’ve posted and written about it many times. Hell, I even have a website called Fat Freddy Says. But the reality remains, that I’m bigger than I want to be and it’s not my coat that makes me look fat. The other month, Yeni and I bought a

membership to the gym down the road. We had been going to the Y, but driving downtown, parking in the winter, loud kids, and crowded conditions just made us not as motivated to work out as we had hoped. So, we checked out a new gym, liked it (it was even cheaper), and joined.

To make a long story longer… I’m on the treadmill the other night and happened to pick one that faced a mirror. The whole time I’m walking I’m staring at my reflection. It could have been that I had eaten too much for dinner, or maybe it was just watching myself for 30 minutes, but right then and there I became very motivated to drop some weight.

I’d love to get back to the ol’ glory days about 2 or 3 years after high school when I was running a few miles everyday, had such low body fat that I sank, and was hitting the weights 4 times a week. But, I’m also very realistic and know that in my current state, if I push to hard, I’ll only end up hurting myself and delaying my ability to work out. Ah, the realities of getting older… So, instead… it will be slow and steady for Fat Freddy.

And in other news…

  • Bought a Mac Mini (man I love that thing)
  • Posted an article on VoIP Tech Chat in the style of Billy Mays
  • Will be taking a road trip down to Orlando and back (3 days, 2k miles, 1 wife 🙂 )
  • Dusted off my old IBM laptop and brought new life into it with linux (ubuntu)

And that’s pretty much all I have to say about that.