National Right to Work Foundation Propaganda Crap

Read the mailing...
Read the mailing...

Ever watch Penn & Teller’s Bullshit? Man I love that show. If you haven’t watched Bullshit on Showtime, check it out… it’s great… but I digress, and in the tradition of Penn & Teller…

And then there’s this Asshole…

Meet Jim Risch, United States Senator

I don’t know how I get on these lists, but I get on them. Out of nowhere, Jim Risch sent me a manilla envelope explaining to me how “Big Labor” exploits its members, placing “handpicked candidates” in political power, etc.

I’m no fan of unions (not anti-union, not pro-union, just not union), but this kind of crap is just ridiculous. Anti-Presidential rhetoric doesn’t impress me; no matter who the President or Subject happens to be.

So what I like to do with these propaganda mailings is send it back to them in the postage paid envelope.

Document attached.

Enjoy 🙂

By Fred Posner

Fred Posner provides VoIP consulting services through The Palner Group and For ten years, Fred helped his wife, Yeni Monroy, run Bearkery®, a family bakery in Gainesville, Florida. The bakery sadly closed during the COVID19 pandemic. Contact Fred at

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