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When in Arizona, Ride Sally Ride

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AstriCon officially ended on October 15th, but luckily… Yeni and I stayed on a couple of days to spend some “face-to-face” time with some of our VoIP pals (after all, it’s nice to shake hands with someone you talk to regularly but lives more than 2000 miles away).

On the 16th, Yeni and I headed to the Glendale Harley-Davidson with David Duffett, and rented a couple of bikes. We headed north through some amazing country that well, I’d only seen in pictures. We saw cactus, we drove by mountains that looked like Big Thunder, and had a great meal at a dive off the beaten path. More importantly, we got to ride with David, who although it was the first time I had ridden with him, felt like we’d been riding together for years.

Here’s a few movies…

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