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Charlie Crist – My Thoughts Pre Announcement

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Fight the fight or quit.

Soon, as in a couple of hours, Florida Governor Charlie Crist will announce a decision regarding his candidacy for the United States Senate. I’ve said it before, and let me state it again: I am a proud NPA (No Party Affiliation) Florida Voter. I have declared myself NPA my entire adult life, and I vote.

Although I voted for Crist for Governor, if he changes parties he will not receive my vote. He’s said before that he would run as a Republican. Then he said that he would “consider” running as an Independent.

Well, and forgive me for speaking to you personally Mr. Governor, here’s the thing Charlie. This is not a decision that you have to think over. This is simple. Either you have the cojones (balls) to run under your party or you don’t. If you are going to change your party, it’s being done for one reason — because you think you’ll lose.

Don’t spin this any other way. I imagine that if you change from the Republican party that you will attempt to spin it as the party no longer represents what you believe, or they’ve lost track, yatta yatta yatta.

To me, this is nothing short of bullshit. And this comes from someone with no love for the Republican party.

Either you have the cojones or you don’t. You started it as a Republican, and either fight the fight or quit. Changing your party affiliation will only prove to show that (1) you don’t believe you can win as a Republican and (2) that you’re already playing politics.

I want neither from my Senator.

So, Mr. Governor… you may very well have a better chance of winning the Senate seat as an independent— but you will do so without my vote.

And of course, I have no desire to vote for Rubio.

So, stand up. Fight the fight. Bring it. Do an 80’s style training montage and get ready… because if you say “I will not change. This is who I am and I will beat Rubio in the Primary and win the Senate.” you may just start gaining back the poll numbers that are clearly affecting you.

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