Fred in the MirrorSo I haven’t been sleeping well. No real reason that I can tell… happens time to time… we all have it now and then. So, I know the one thing that always makes me really happy is to get on the bike and just go. So Sunday I put on the leather vest, grabbed the camera, filled the thermos with some water, and headed out on the bike to — nowhere.

Didn’t have a plan at all… just started going south. I love riding like that. Especially on a great day — and Sunday was a beautiful day. Big white clouds, bright sun, low 80’s… was just a great day.

So, I headed south and when I hit south of Ocala, turned around and started back north again… taking 441 back to Gainesville. Of all the times I’ve ridden the bike (or even pedalled one) I had actually never stopped and walked on the Paynes Prairie  lookout… so I stopped off, snapped a couple of pictures and then got a call.

Fred Road KingThe positive of using the iphone is that it’s great music on the bike. I love my headset (when it’s not trying to kill me) and it just sounds great on the road. The negative of course, is you know when the phone rings. So I answer it and it’s someone wanting to see the house… and well… long story short (for once), my stress-free day was no longer.

I headed home and then went to Whataburger for dinner — where I ate wayyyy too much and am still feeling the burger this morning 🙂

Now, I’m back at work and getting ready for the flight to Michigan on Friday. Although after the ride on Sunday, I’ve decided that the next time I go to Ann Arbor, I’ll have to ride it.

Sure it will take like 7000 hours, but it will cost maybe 100 bucks in gas and I can’t imagine how great I’ll feel after riding that long.

Gotta love the Harley. 🙂