iron manIf you know me at all, you know I love movies. I mean, I REALLY love movies. But that aside, I no longer enjoy going to the movies. Maybe it’s me getting older… maybe it’s because I love my big-mama tv… or maybe it’s because I’m just a grumpy stubborn man, but it’s rare for me to want to go to the movies rather than see it at the house.

To get me out of the house and paying 11 bucks for a movie… it has to be a movie that excites me (like Iron Man, but let’s talk about that later). I mean after-all, for just 3 bucks more than a ticket price, I can sit in the comfort of my own home, have the ability to pause (rewind, etc), and more importantly – not deal with people.

I truly cannot remember the last time I was at a movie when someone didn’t use their cellphone. Ugh. But at least I know it’s a common problem, because now after some of the movie commercials, you get those director PSAs reminding you to shut off your cellphone. Normally, I always see Sydney Pollack… but today I saw Martin Scorsese’s version (I truly love Scorsese).

The last movie I saw in the theater… (before today) was

Spider-man 3. And coincidentally enough, the next movie that I needed to see in the theater was also a Marvel comic – this time… Iron Man. I get so excited about these super-hero movies that I feel I’d be missing out on something if I didn’t see it in a theater.

Fred’s 3 word review of Iron Man: “Iron Man rocked.

Robert Downey, Jr. is back and was absolutely perfect as Tony Stark. The whole movie was a great tone and I’d say was as enjoyable as a Spider-man (don’t get me wrong… Spidey is my all time favorite… this movie though was really, really good).

The only negative was listening to little terrors talking throughout the whole movie. I truly think if you’re a parent that has not taught your child to sit still and keep thoughts to themselves during a movie, that you shouldn’t be allowed to take kids to the movies.

I took my god-kids with me to see Spider-man 2 and they were well prepared. They knew they weren’t allowed to talk or ask questions. They could get my attention if needed by tapping me… (since it was Spidey, they also knew they couldn’t take a bathroom break until the movie was done but that’s another story). I truly don’t understand how a parent could be so insensitive to others around them.

Maybe next time, I’ll load up on beans before the show… and when the kids start talking or that cellphone rings… I’ll have a little crop dusting.