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Quick and Dirty News

Posted . ~1min read.

No, it’s not a reference to Cinco de Mayo… but just simply, the quick and dirty news for Fred Posner. Let’s see… recently I: Got married (blogged @ yenifred.

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New Rescue Me?

Posted . ~1min read.

Rumor has it that Rescue Me, season 5, will start on Tuesday July, 1st (2008). I still say this is the absolute best damn show on television today.

Rescue Me is still the best.

Posted . ~1min read.

Without a doubt… the fucking best show on TV. No doubts… I never thought I would look forward to a show more than The Soprano’s but damn it if I didn’t get proved wrong.

Rescue Me is the Best Show on TV

Posted . ~2min read.

How good is Rescue Me? How good? I can’t even sum up the fucking words to give the due credit this show deserves. I was going to sum up my feelings of the show is nonsensical song lyrics, such as: Rescue Me is simply the best.

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I stay home for Rescue Me

Posted . ~10min read.

Rescue Me is the best fucking show on tv– that’s right… I think it’s better than The Soprano’s, Buffy, and whatever else I used to stay home to watch.

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