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Going to ClueCon2023

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In just a few weeks, I’ll be headed to ClueCon2023 in Chicago. I generally enjoy going to ClueCon and am happy to say I have lost track of the number I’ve attended.

This year, I’ll be giving a talk called Kamailio with FreeSWITCH B2BUA:

Sometimes, you just want a B2BUA that’s not touching media. FreeSWITCH does this very well and with Kamailio and RTPengine you have a very scalable, high performant B2BUA SBC. The presentation will discuss some load tests and sample configurations.

Speaking of Kamailio, Daniel-Constantin Mierla (co-founder of Kamailio) will be at ClueCon and even hosting a special Kamailio Lunch and Learn during the conference.

Looking forward to seeing friends such as Dan Jenkins, David Duffett, Brian West, and more. And very excited to attend a talk from Richard Fuchs (rtpengine), who I met for the first time at last year’s cluecon.

If you’re attending or will be in Chicago from 8/14-8/17, let’s chat and try to meet up.

See you in Chicago!

Join me at ClueCon 2023

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