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American Express

For My Security

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American Express wants your name, date of birth, and social security number... for your security

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American Express Stupidity

Posted . ~2min read.

Let me start off my saying this: I despise the word stupid. Despise may not even be strong enough to describe the loathing I have for the word stupid.

I feel calling a person stupid remains one of the worst insults one can use. It’s a word that I rarely use. That being said, I reserve the use of “stupid” for extreme acts that amaze me with their unique sense of illogical function.

Take for example American Express.

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American Express / Non-American Call Center

Posted . ~2min read.

Today, I attempted to use my American Express card as a replacement for an old card that had expired. I entered the card info, hit “renew,” and was told it was declined.

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