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Dream Day Cakes

Chocolate Cake, Oh Yes.

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[Chocolate Ganache Cake][1]
Chocolate Cake with Ganache

Growing up, my mom did something amazing every time the school year ended. On the last day of school, when I walked into the door, a layered cake would greet me. As most normal kids, my usual cake was a single-tiered cake with frosting on top. Special birthdays might have a two-layered cake with the thinest of thin layers of frosting separating them. But this was different.

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Linux Cake?

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This was an awesome cake… didn’t even think about the linux aspect of it until looking at the photos. =) [][2]Penguin or Linux Cake?

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Happy Halloween!

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[][1]Happy Halloween!

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I want to write more often.

Posted . ~2min read.

I do. I honestly do. Writing for me is a release. From getting something off my mind, off my chest, or out in the open, writing can help me reduce stress, think something out, or help express something I’m focusing on.

I really want to write more often. I really want to exercise. I really want to do a lot of things. Right now, my limitations on completing my wants are limited by time. There’s only 24 hours in a day… some days I don’t even spend 3 of those sleeping. But this isn’t a pitty post. This is a wake up call.

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