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Sangoma Still Doesnt Get Open Source

Posted . ~7min read.

After attending AstriCon 2023 in Fort Lauderdale, I am left with the conclusion that Sangoma still does not get open source... and worse yet... most likely do not care.

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Had a great time visiting with members of the open source VoIP community in Fort Lauderdale for open source world / itexpo 2020.

I was excited to discuss Kamailio and other aspects of communication as well as get some important hardware discussions in person… it’s an interesting time as hardware and software vendors seem to be merging left and right.

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Astricon 2019 Thoughts

Posted . ~4min read.

TL;DR A few weeks ago, I had some strong concerns over Sangoma’s stewardship of Asterisk and FreePBX. Since that post, Astricon showed that Sangoma definitely appreciates the open source VoIP community and I’m optimistic for the future.

I, along with 300+ others, attended Astricon 2019 during the last week of October in Atlanta, Georgia. This year’s Astricon differed dramatically from others — there was no expo hall, fewer presentations, fewer tracks.

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Sangoma Doesn’t Get Open Source

Posted . ~4min read.

So, earlier today (2019-09-24), Sangoma tweeted the following:

If you don’t know, just over a year ago, Sangoma acquired Digium, the creators of Asterisk (which Sangoma called “the most widely used open source communication software in the world”). Sangoma is also the owner of FreePBX, “the most widely deployed open source PBX platform in use across the world.”

I found it interesting that a company owning arguably two of the most widely used open source telephony projects in the world would discuss “outgrowing” open source…

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