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Thanksgiving Message 2022

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Another year, another quiet Thanksgiving in Gainesville. Later on this week, we’ll be celebrating my daughter’s 4th birthday. Still coming to terms with how quickly the time passes.

Choosing to stay local and not visit family is a choice made for one reason: my daughter loves birthday celebrations at her home. She’s been planning what she wants for months now. When it comes down to it, choosing to make her birthday special is an easy choice.

We definitely miss being around family during the holiday. Too many memories of family enjoying the day together at a very, very… very long table in my parents’ backyard.

Many things have changed of course.

Sadly, many of the people who would sit at that table are no longer with us. I’m very grateful for the time shared, lessons learned, and memories from the family and friends no longer here.

The house is also a thing of the past. I still remember looking for homes with my parents and sister in 1985… finding the house… and all of us just loving it. Was a great home during high school, visiting from college, bringing Yeni to meet Mom and Dad, and too many events to recall. I’m very grateful for that home.

I’m grateful for another year of health and the ability to pay our bills and keep a roof over our heads.

And, as always, I’m most grateful to my friends and family. Their generosity and love continue to surprise me, and this Thanksgiving, and on every day, I am grateful to share my life with these people. After all, friends are the family you choose.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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