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I Have Left Twitter

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I’ve learned a few things from Michael White throughout the time we’ve been friends. The most important being to make a mantra of Happy Wife. Happy Life.

When I first joined twitter in 2008, it was a fun way to socialize with people from all over the globe. Twitter was gaining popularity within the open source telecom world and many of us would share posts, opinions, photos, whatever. The length of the tweet was perfect for sharing short thoughts and back then, there weren’t a ton of people on the platform.

Twitter was fun, friendly, simple, and an easy way to connect to others; especially at events like Astricon.

Fast forward to today and of course, twitter isn’t something just used by telecom geeks and nerds. It’s popular and has become a source of information (and misinformation).

Happy Wife. Happy Life.

Twitter wasn’t fun anymore. People weren’t friendly.

Some people liked to make threats when they didn’t like your opinion. My wife said she’d be happier if I closed the Twitter account, and well… Happy Wife. Happy Life is a mantra for a reason.

Plus, Michael White hasn’t steered me wrong. I followed his lead when I deleted Facebook forever ago… and I have been very happy with that decision.


I did create an account on Mastodon. Reminds me of when Twitter was still fun. If you’re using Mastodon, let’s connect.

Mastodon isn’t Twitter… and right now, for me at least, that’s a good thing.

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