It’s a crazy concept…

I feel that liberty allows us to communicate free from government interference. Whether this be business, personal, religious, or any other type of communication… our freedom of speech entitles us to freedom from monitoring our speech as well.

With information from Edward Snowden (and now William Binney), we should be very concerned over the level of interference, eavesdropping, and surveillance conducted against all society.

William Binney recently stated that the ultimate goal of the NSA was total population control.

This should concern you an you’ve been warned about this before.

Today’s technology is your friend. Tools exist, such as

Kamailio and Jitsi, to keep your private communication private. Communication solely within the scope of you and the intended party — free from snooping.

Think you have this with Skype? Think you have this with your cell-phone? Google? Landline phones?

Nope. You don’t.

But you can have this on your own… it just takes ganas. Desire.