Mostly due to the recent news regarding Cambridge Analytica and people’s private information, many people have responded to a #DeleteFacebook trend —including the co-founder of WhatsApp. Don’t forget: WhatsApp was sold to Facebook a few years ago for over 15 billion (pause for a second… this is billion, not million here) and now someone who benefitted greatly from that deal also suggests deleting facebook.

Clearly I’m biased. Almost 5 years ago, I followed my friend Michael White‘s example and deleted my facebook account. Of course, this movement has more to do with personal information than oversharing of said personal information. 

What you share is your choice, but let’s not make any mistakes about what Facebook does with your data… Facebook’s entire business model is about your personal information. From allowing others to access it to targeting you with specific advertisements, Facebook uses your data and monetizes it. After all, if you’re not paying for a service, you’re the product. In this case… your information is Facebook’s product and business is very good.

It’s time that people become more in tune with what information you share and what information companies (and governments) have from you. The irony about posting this on a personal blog (or even having a personal blog) does not escape me. Especially since this personal blog was used by my local property appraiser to try to take away my homestead exemption. But that’s another story (it’s a good one).

Of course, I encourage the Delete Facebook movement although it has no affect on me personally (since it’s been deleted already). I also encourage you to think about how your other types of information can be used/tracked…

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