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Good, Fast, Cheap — Pick Two

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Pick Any Two

It’s not a phrase I invented… I wish I did, but it’s been around for ages.

Engineers will tell you they invented the Good, Fast, Cheap ideology with their “project triangle.” Web designers say that that own the idea for their pricing. Whomever invented it, the bottom line remains that no matter what you’re paying for you can pick two of the three: Good, Fast, or Cheap.

Fast and Cheap (aka Crap)

Lo barato sale caro (The cheap becomes expensive). In the long run, it’s going to cost you more. We have clichés for a reason– there’s a good amount of truth there. You can pay less now, but choosing that unlicensed roofer to save a few bucks will probably end up being a nightmare. If you’re lucky, you’ll only pay for the roof twice.

There’s a reason why professionals charge a good amount for their services. I’m not saying not to shop around. That being said, there’s an average rate you can expect to pay for a quality product or service. When someone sells something WAY below market value, just repeat to yourself lo barato sale caro.

Good and Cheap (don’t hold your breath)

Bottom line? Good and cheap = slow. You want a discount price? That discount will need to come from somewhere– generally, it means a much slower pace compared to someone willing to pay full price.

Good and Fast (not cheap)

You want it fast? You want quality? You can get it. It will be everything you expect. It just won’t be cheap. You’ll pay for it, but you’ll also generally get work worthy of what you paid for (as well as the service you expect).

It’s true for everything.

Could be a restaurant, a bakery, a consultant, a car… whatever you need, just remember: Pick two.

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