A2 Cloud Camp

I attended Ann Arbor’s Cloud Camp yesterday at Google (in… Ann Arbor). Was a great “un-conference” about cloud computing and such. Took a few pictures and enjoyed the afternoon.

April 10, 2009 1 min Fred Posner

April in Ann Arbor means Snow

[][1]Hey… I thought it was Spring! So, last night Michael and I caught up over a few Bourbon’s at a TGI Friday’s down the road. The last time Mike and I visited Friday’s together? 1989. Anyway… as the evening wore on, the window showed us something I thought I wouldn’t be seeing again for a while — snow. And we’re not talking “oh just a little white powder” here, we are talking big, huge, white flakes. Big ones. Coming down like the ground was Macy’s and it was a 90% off sale. The snow continued throughout the night leaving 4 – 7 inches on the ground (depending on which paper you believe). All I know is that Yeni had to break out the winter boots (She said, “Oh, Winter Boots I thought I would not see you again… but here you are.”) and I got to de-snow the cars yet another time this year. I will say this though… Looking at snow is nice. Dealing with it, not so much. There’s more pictures below… ...

April 6, 2009 1 min Fred Posner

Monica Conyers – a great example of why government fails

Last night, after watching the ER finale, the news showed me something I could not believe. The President of the Detroit City Council, Monica Conyers, provided an interview to Fox News giving a statement which I would only expect to be heard on Jerry Springer. Monica Conyers stated: No, I did not. I did not say she needs to get a man. But does she? And not be with everyone else’s man. Does she? I am just asking you. This is what her people say about her. I don’t know. (yes, there’s a video)...

April 3, 2009 1 min Fred Posner

New Pics are Up

Today I posted some pictures on Picasa… they include: Our trip to Cabella’s (45 pictures) January 2009 (34 pictures) February 2009 (33 pictures) Disney March 2009 (46 pictures) March 2009 (15 pictures) Still to come? Pictures from my sister’s wedding and more! 🙂 There’s decent pictures in each section… Now, you know you can see the entire album, right? Either click here or on the Fred’s Photos link on the right....

April 2, 2009 1 min Fred Posner

Raise Taxes Michigan, Really? Really?

The smartest thing I have ever done was not leave Florida permanently. After spending 20 plus years living and working in Florida, I’ve certainly seen my share of embarrassment. From Terry Schivo to Elian Gonzalez, the 2000 election to the Anna Nicole Smith Baby Daddy trial, Florida certainly helps give late night talk show hosts a punch line now and then. But this isn’t a post about Florida. This is a post about two law makers in Michigan that want to raise income tax. Right now, the State of Michigan has the highest unemployment rate in the United States. Right now (March 2009), the Michigan unemployment rate is 12%. And with GM getting ready to lay off thousands more in May, this number will rise quicker than it will fall. ...

March 31, 2009 3 min Fred Posner

Campaign For Liberty, Stop Calling Me!

So, back in 2007 I actually liked what Ron Paul had to say. I liked how he answered questions, but who knows… I also liked what Ross Perot had to say. In fact, maybe it’s just the R.P. initials that makes me interested. We’ll find out for sure if Ru Paul becomes a candidate… Anyway… I made the mistake of contributing a very small donation to Ron Paul’s campaign. Well, Ron Paul became the Campaign for Liberty and now, they somehow think I want to be a member....

March 26, 2009 2 min Fred Posner

Ann Arbor News Says Goodbye

[][1]Ann Arbor . com website The Ann Arbor News (in Ann Arbor, MI of course) recently announced it’s closure. After 174 years, the Ann Arbor News could not see a way out of economic difficulties and will be relaunching as an online media company — AnnArbor.com. But this post isn’t about the closure… for information on that check out: AnnArbor.com The News to Fold in July Why We Grieve the Ann Arbor News This post is on why I do not grieve the Ann Arbor News closure....

March 24, 2009 2 min Fred Posner

Selected Quotes about Government

Dealing with Ann Arbor’s Downtown Development Authority (the A2DDA) definitely elicits an emotional response. Sadly, the happy emotions did not make the cut. Anyway, the experience finds me recollecting some of my favorite government quotes… When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. — Thomas Jefferson The point to remember is that what the government gives it must first take away....

March 19, 2009 2 min Fred Posner

Benjamin Franklin, Motorcycles, and Ann Arbor Parking

We’re not playing the Pyramid here, but wouldn’t that be great? Man, I miss good 70’s game shows. Give me the Pyramid and Match Game and I’m happy as can be. Anyway… Benjamin Franklin I’ve always liked Mr. Franklin. Some think he’s the only non-president on money… but those people probably think Mr. Hamilton was once a president. Anyway, Benjamin Franklin is perhaps my favorite American in history. I love his quotes and many of his thoughts can guide us still today. Today’s the following Benjamin Franklin quote comes to mind: It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority. Which brings us to… ...

March 16, 2009 3 min Fred Posner

Ann Arbor Blocks My Parking App

Ann Arbor DDA, you massively fail. If you were a ship, you’d be the titanic… Can you believe in today’s world that a government agency would conspire and discuss the control of public information? What if that information was a top secret as… parking space availability? I’ve posted an article on VoIP Tech Chat detailing the Ann Arbor DDA doing just that. My response to them is at the end… Please enjoy....

March 13, 2009 1 min Fred Posner