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April in Ann Arbor means Snow

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[Hey... I thought it was Spring!][1]
Hey… I thought it was Spring!

So, last night Michael and I caught up over a few Bourbon’s at a TGI Friday’s down the road. The last time Mike and I visited Friday’s together? 1989. Anyway… as the evening wore on, the window showed us something I thought I wouldn’t be seeing again for a while — snow. And we’re not talking “oh just a little white powder” here, we are talking big, huge, white flakes. Big ones. Coming down like the ground was Macy’s and it was a 90% off sale.

The snow continued throughout the night leaving 4 – 7 inches on the ground (depending on which paper you believe). All I know is that Yeni had to break out the winter boots (She said, “Oh, Winter Boots I thought I would not see you again… but here you are.”) and I got to de-snow the cars yet another time this year.

I will say this though… Looking at snow is nice. Dealing with it, not so much. There’s more pictures below…

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New Pics are Up

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Today I posted some pictures on Picasa… they include: Our trip to Cabella’s (45 pictures) January 2009 (34 pictures) February 2009 (33 pictures) Disney March 2009 (46 pictures) March 2009 (15 pictures) Still to come?

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Benjamin Franklin, Motorcycles, and Ann Arbor Parking

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We’re not playing the Pyramid here, but wouldn’t that be great? Man, I miss good 70’s game shows. Give me the Pyramid and Match Game and I’m happy as can be. Anyway…

Benjamin Franklin

I’ve always liked Mr. Franklin. Some think he’s the only non-president on money… but those people probably think Mr. Hamilton was once a president. Anyway, Benjamin Franklin is perhaps my favorite American in history. I love his quotes and many of his thoughts can guide us still today.

Today’s the following Benjamin Franklin quote comes to mind:

It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.

Which brings us to…

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The week that was 1/9/2009

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[][1]Yeni and Fred in Dundee Welcome to Fred’s weekly review for the first “real” week of 2009. What did Fred do this week? Will Fred stop talking in third person?

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December 2008 Pics Posted

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[][1]See this and more at the Picasa Site It’s a start. 😉 Over 1,000 pictures were taken in December, 2008 — perhaps due to the re-purchase of my favorite lens that died or maybe the addition of a new (fancy schmancy) flash.

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Christmas Day

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[][1]Fred with Bear in Montgomery, MI I learned that Colombian tradition places a lot of emphasis on Christmas Eve. Last night, after eating tamales and playing Wii at Michael’s, Yeni’s family and I returned to the house, ate more tamales with friends, and then opened presents.

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Back at the House

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Yesterday was a “travel day,” with all the reminders of why I do not like to fly. But, thanks to modern travel, I made it home safe and sound.

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Headin' up to San Francisco

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Yesterday, we woke up at 5am and headed through the snow to take me to the airport. Even after spending 5 hours on the tarmac (and being de-iced from a de-icer named Fred), I still have to say I love American Airlines.

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Check out the De-Icer

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Notice the de-icer’s cool name? (it’s Fred 🙂 ) On my way to San Francisco to catch up with my sister, Scott, my parents, Tovah, and David!

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Taxiing on a Snowy Runway

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You have to love technology today. My Blackberry can take video, pictures, and play MP3’s. Plus, unlike my iPhone, my calls don’t drop. Granted I’ve only had the phone 2 days, but I’m very impressed so far.

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