It’s not too late to make plans to visit Berlin this May and join us at Kamailio World 2018.

Kamailio World allows Kamailians, VoIP enthusiasts, and more to Connect, Inspire, and Create during an amazing conference. Last year, Yeni and I flew out for the first time and I only regretted not attending before.

I am lucky (and honored) to attend many VoIP conferences throughout the year and Kamailio World is on my must attend list for a simple reason— the ability to connect with this amazing community will inspire you to create something amazing. 

From Redis to RTP transcoding, emergency services to IMS/VoLTE, Kamailio World will showcase new developments, scalable deployments, and exciting news surrounding all things Kamailio. Expect to hear from Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, and other open source projects as well.

My love of the open source VoIP community is no secret… some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet participate in open source VoIP events and if you come to Kamailio World, you’ll connect to them in person.

There’s an amazing group of speakers (as always) and did I mention the conference is in Berlin? Good food, clean streets, asparagus galore, and the most punctual train system you’ve ever used…

I’m looking forward to seeing you this May. Registration is open now! (Yes, there will be Kamailio cookies)

Yeni enjoying some amazing food in Germany
Yeni enjoying some amazing food in Germany