I supported Ron Paul, twice. The key word here? Supported. I’ve always been an “Actions speak louder than words,” “show me, don’t tell me” kind of guy. Always. I may like what you say, but I don’t put belief into your words. Your actions show me what you really believe and, in my opinion, provide me a great prediction of your future actions.

When I supported Ron Paul, I supported his words. He truly separates himself from the pack of other politicians by answering questions directly, bringing appropriate priority to fiscal issues, and approaching government with a limited Federal role. You would think I would be donating time to the campaign. One point, I thought about it. But, actions speak louder than words. And Ron Paul just wouldn’t leave me alone.

He (through the campaign for liberty), called me. He called me again. He called me again. Despite my many, many, MANY requests to not be called, Ron Paul’s campaign for liberty didn’t care. The best way to show me you believe in government not harassing its people is to stop harassing me. I finally got the calls to stop with a certified, return-receipt letter and a threat of legal action.

Anyway, the problem now? I still like his words. Love the words, hate the actions of his organization.

For example, even though I have unsubscribed from his mailings more than 25 times, Ron Paul won’t stop spamming me. Ron Paul preaches on accountability, limited government, and then uses a political loophole to ignore my unsubscribe lists.

Yesterday alone I received 7 emails from Ron Paul. 7 emails.

I like his words. Hate his actions — and actions speak louder than words.

So, after the 7th email yesterday asking me to donate to the Ron Paul birthday bomb, I sent them this response:

I used to support you. But your non-stop calls, spams, and other fucking annoyance despite NUMEROUS fucking requests makes me think that Ron Paul doesn’t have the ability to lead jack shit.

Prove me wrong. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE and you will receive my support.

It’s not ironic. It’s called respect.

Of course, my first reply attempt received a rejection. Why? Because as a spammer, Ron Paul doesn’t use real email addresses to send email. Again, just another asshole politician doing what they do best — saying one thing, doing another.

UPDATE. Eight hours after I posted this article… they re-sent me the same fucking email.