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APIBAN Now with HTTP Honeypot Data

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You’ve probably heard me say (once or twice)…

APIBAN helps prevent unwanted SIP traffic by identifying addresses of known bad actors before they attack your system. Bad actors are collected through globally deployed honeypots and curated by LOD/APIBAN.

I started APIBAN back in 2020 and for the past 3 years have greatly enjoyed helping others protect their SIP systems from IP addresses sending unwanted traffic. The service is provided for FREE.

This week, we announced that APIBAN also collects IP addresses targeting HTTP/HTTPS traffic as well.

Here’s the announcement:
APIBAN - Update: HTTP Honeypots

The goal here was to help protect VoIP Provisioning Systems, GUI based PBX panels, etc.

I continue to hope that people use this data to protect their systems and look forward to continuing the service (thanks to some excellent help from sponsors and github sponsors).

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