Another day, another template… this time I’m trying out poison.

One of the neat things with this template is the incorporation of Mermaid diagrams

sequenceDiagram participant Alice participant Kamailio participant Bob Alice->>Kamailio: INVITE Kamailio->>Alice: 100 Trying Kamailio->>Bob: INVITE Bob->>Kamailio: 180 Ringing Kamailio->>Alice: 180 Ringing Bob->>Kamailio: 200 OK Kamailio->>Alice: 200 OK Alice->>Kamailio: ACK Kamailio->>Bob: ACK Alice->>Kamailio: BYE Kamailio->>Bob: BYE Bob->>Kamailio: 200 OK Kamailio->>Alice: 200 OK

Seems like a pretty awesome feature for someone who blogs a bit about SIP, no?

Code blocks also seem nice…

# Kamailio SIP Server v5.8 - default configuration script
#     - web:
#     - git:
# Direct your questions about this file to: <>

as well as language specific ones…

    "status": 400,
    "error": "cUgt02",
    "details": "invalid json from api"
package main

import (

So far I’m pretty happy with it. As always, please feel free to contact me with any comments.