Yeni at the Stadium

Florida Field

November 16, 2011 1 min Fred Posner

For my wife…

[][1]I love you, baby.

November 11, 2011 1 min Fred Posner

Me and the boy

Me and the boy

November 11, 2011 1 min Fred Posner

By the way…

Dream Day Cakes®, the best cake bakery in Gainesville, has started offering classes. If you’re going to be in the Gainesville, FL area, you should sign up. =) More info: Dream Day Cakes Fall Classes

November 7, 2011 1 min Fred Posner

Fresh Turkey.

We know I love me some Thanksgiving. These turkeys surrounded the shop today… making me think it’s time to get ready for the fourth Thursday of November. =) =) [][1]Gobble Gobble...

November 7, 2011 1 min Fred Posner

Franklin Manure Quote

Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin remains my favorite founding father. … God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty…. And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance?...

November 6, 2011 1 min Fred Posner

The Bourbon page…

Bourbon vs. Whiskey is back. That is all. =)

November 5, 2011 1 min Fred Posner

It's homecoming

It’s homecoming… a weird concept if you happen to live in the town where you went to school… but nonetheless, a holiday the City of Gainesville takes very seriously. Yes, I said holiday. You see, in town the schools are closed. Many businesses close their doors or have allowances for people to leave early. There’s a parade (which means UPS drivers come in a few hours early to make sure they can deal with the traffic/road closures). ...

November 4, 2011 1 min Fred Posner

This really says it all…

[][1]Google, Facebook, and You

November 3, 2011 1 min Fred Posner

Happy Halloween!

[][1]Happy Halloween!

October 30, 2011 1 min Fred Posner