Taxiing on a Snowy Runway

You have to love technology today. My Blackberry can take video, pictures, and play MP3’s. Plus, unlike my iPhone, my calls don’t drop. Granted I’ve only had the phone 2 days, but I’m very impressed so far. This video is taken from my Blackberry while taxiing out to the runway at Detroit’s DTW airport. Sadly, we didn’t take off for another 3 hours.

December 19, 2008 1 min Fred Posner

Wednesday Schmendsday

No much to report on a very busy mid-week. We received a big snowfall last night, which found myself prepping Yeni’s car for work this morning. Can’t say I’m enjoying the though of repeating that action for the next several months. It was c-o-l-d, cold. Oh, and snowy. Last time I was near that much snow, Mom made me a cup of cocoa with little marshmallows — of course they were real marshmallows added to the cup… not the pre-mixed yucky ones....

December 17, 2008 1 min Fred Posner

Monday Morning Quarterback

[][1]Yeni's Family Post-Buffet It’s Monday morning and the smell of coffee surrounds the home — courtesy of Yeni, who made a fresh pot on her way to work this morning. Her family has arrived in Ann Arbor and will be staying with us for a few weeks to celebrate the Holidays and a few birthdays. Yesterday was Yeni’s father’s birthday which was celebrated with a “Day of Buffet.” First, we enjoyed the Bob’s Big Boy Brunch Buffet followed by joining Mike, Becky, Tina, and the kids for the dinner buffet (at the local Buffet house)....

December 15, 2008 1 min Fred Posner

No Bag of Crap for Me

[][1]Ah, woot you are a tease Ah… woot, your bag of crap eludes me yet again. is an online store and community that focuses on selling cool stuff cheap. They sell one item per day until it is sold out or until 11:59pm central time when it is replaced. The site will occasionally deviate from the one-product-per-day model for a “Woot-Off”, where a succession of products are available for a period of unannounced length, usually 24–72 hours....

December 11, 2008 2 min Fred Posner

It's Monday. Ummm. Monday.

[][1]Fred with family at Thanksgiving Good morning world and welcome to the snowed in Monday morning edition of Fred Posner dot com. Let’s discuss the weekend… Not much happened. Let’s see, in random order: Yeni and I had Pizza so good I reactivated Fat Freddy Says The Gators beat Alabama and are headed to Miami for the Championship Game My Harley is back from the dealer… and is pretty much packed away until March (but sounds GREAT with my new pipes) Thanksgiving Pictures were posted Blogged about an idiotic FBI Warning Yeni and I started on the Holiday Vegitation and the Chicago Tribune filed for bankruptcy....

December 8, 2008 1 min Fred Posner

New Carbon Monoxide Detector

[][1]No Carbon Monoxide! Yeni and I just came back from Lowe’s… where we not only purchased a new Carbon Monoxide detector — we purchased a new Carbon Monoxide detector on sale. That’s right, our local Lowe’s price beat Amazon dot com. Go gators. The new detector is fancy schmancy. It not only had ac power with battery backup, it also displays the carbon monoxide levels within the area monitored. This means that we can monitor even low level exposure....

December 5, 2008 1 min Fred Posner

Thou Shalt Get a Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Recently, Yeni and I completed an amazing 3200 mile round-trip “Expedition” from Ann Arbor to Fort Lauderdale. We drove through such landmarks as the Florida Everglades, the Appalachian Mountains, the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, and more. We experienced a range of weather and traffic — exactly what you would expect when traveling around Thanksgiving — but the scariest part, was waking up to the carbon monoxide alarm after returning home. Like most “budget conscious” couples, Yeni and I try to save money when possible....

December 3, 2008 2 min Fred Posner

Winter Wonderland

Made it home safe and sound. The entire community is covered in white, like some sort of Christmas card. Off to bed!

December 2, 2008 1 min Fred Posner

Slow going?

Yes, thank you. Our speed matches the temperature which is 29 degrees, lots of snow and lots of trucks. We are 40 miles south of Toledo.

December 2, 2008 1 min Fred Posner

Next stop Ann Arbor

I am driving again. It is snowing and it is very cold. Everything is good…. Yeni found my hat.

December 2, 2008 1 min Fred Posner