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Hi Mom :)

Mom found the blog today and I want to send a special hello to my special mother. 🙂

Sound of one phone ringing

There was a time when I loved phones… stories have been told of my parents and family walking blocks out of the way just to avoid a payphone (and a NYC payphone is still one of my most prized possessions). That being said, I can think of nothing that stresses me more than the sound of my once favorite object.

Who knows… maybe in the future, the sound of a ring will bring happy thoughts instead of the cringe that reacts instantly.

Last train to atkins

Since Forrest died, I’ve put on 15 pounds or so and it’s time to get back to losing weight again. I was doing pretty well… lost 30+, and it’s time to get back on track.

I lucked out with a great gift this year (from Martin) which was home delivery of pre-made low-carb meals. The first week’s worth arrived today and the first meal starts tomorrow. I’m on the 20g of carb or less per day so we’ll see how it goes.

Last time, the goal was 0 carbs / day, so hopefully the 20 ceiling will still be effective.

Go Gators

Greetings from Vegas and thank you to my Alma Mater, the University of Florida, for a history making domination of college athletics. And an even greater thanks to the State of Nevada for legalizing gambling and allowing me to make some change off of the Gator win. Why? Because when you’re a Gator, you don’t bet that the Gators will beat the spread… you know in your heart that they’ll win and then you bet accordingly. And what if you’re wrong? Then you blame the other guy and smile that you still beat FSU. So a hearty “Fuck you” to all the people who thought that UF shouldn’t have made it to the championship. The SEC is a fucking tough ass conference, and the big win over Ohio should let you know what time it is.

Bellagio is nice… room is great, very high class. Casino is a little rough. We’re not loving the dealers here and lately have been heading to other casinos to gamble… the other dealers just make it a little more enjoyable to lose your money. 🙂

And a big congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Oblander for tying the knot Vegas style!

He's home now

I brought him home yesterday and placed his bandana around the urn and put his favorite toy next to it. I’m hoping things will start to pick up now and am getting ready for the Vegas trip coming up on saturday.

I’m very thankful that people are letting me keep to myself right now. It’s still a little difficult to talk and I’m appreciative of the alone time.

My new tattoo…

In memory of my puppy Forrest, I branded myself with the following:

I miss my puppy

Well, I’m crying a little less… but the house is still empty and I still really miss my pup. 🙁

Forrest 12-7-1994 to 12-20-2006

They say that we should be thankful for the pain we feel with the loss of a loved one; as the pain we feel is a measure of the love felt for them. If this is the case, then I must have loved Forrest more than I’ve loved anything else in my life.

When I posted the previous post about having a bad day, I would have never had imagined that December 20, 2006 would become perhaps the worst day of my life.

When I woke up that morning, Forrest wasn’t doing well and after a trip to the vet’s I learned that he had developed a massive growth that could not be removed and was causing him great pain. Within 14 hours of the last post, Forrest was gone and I would begin to experience the worst days of my life.

I know Forrest may have been “just a dog.” But to me, Forrest was a combination of my best friend, my daily companion, and something that I loved more than anything else. His abscence is tremendous. I miss him deeply and am only now starting to make it more than an hour without breaking into tears.

I’m starting a new foundation in his name to help/provide assistance to rescue organizations, service dogs, etc. and will post more info.

Mama, take this badge off of me…

Shitty start generally leads to a shitty day. But there’s a bright point. Between a month where nothing seems to work right for me, and Forrest’s deteriorating health I received my Hanukwanzika gift from my sister and from Martin.

My sister gave me a very nice cigar over’s kit complete with my first ash tray. I don’t think I know how to smoke a cigar without ashing onto the floor, but this kit is so awesome I must learn. 🙂

Martin gave me a subscription to Atkins at home, making sure that by this time next year my goal of no longer being morbidly obese should be realized.

Update — Forrest has passed away.

Fred Posner, Barista

5 years ago, if someone said that I’d be buying an Espresso machine, I would have called them an idiot. I never liked coffee. The taste used to make me dry heave and other than yogurt, was one of my most hated flavors.

But, as we get older, we try new things. Perhaps it was my love of tiramisu. Maybe it was just the dire need of caffeine. But regardless, Fred has developed a taste for Espresso. Funny though… I don’t like a regular brewed coffee.

How much do I like Espresso? Well, there’s a new machine sitting in my kitchen that’s already brewed me 3 cups.

I bought me a cheapo model… but one that would be a decent cup of Espresso and in the long-run, tremendously cheaper than going to Starbucks. 🙂 Sure it’s a steam model, but it uses real coffee (not pods) and tasted pretty good.