5 days / 750 miles later

Wow gas has gotten really expensive. Thank god for Harley-Davidson. I just came back from my weekend in South Florida and my wallet is still freaking out about gas prices. On the way down, gas was around $4.05/gallon. On the way up, it was up to 4.20 in Orlando for gas. On the Harley, I get about 40 miles per gallon on average… so let’s think how much better life is with me riding the bike....

May 13, 2008 1 min Fred Posner

Headed down to SoFla

Thursday will be mom’s [censored]th birthday and I’m riding the bike down to South Florida to celebrate mom’s birthday, grandma’s birthday, and Mother’s day in what I would like to call The Mother of May Weekends. So besides a great weekend to catch up with my mother, father, grandmother, sister, and girlfriend (she’ll be flying in to try Joe’s for the first time), I’m looking to The Mother of May Weekends as a Sayonara to fat…...

May 8, 2008 1 min Fred Posner

Voip Tech Chat

So, Patrick and I have been making these chats on voip, called (or as Patrick would say Interestingly enough called) VoipTechChat. We’ve even made a website for it called… wait for it… VoipTechChat.com. We enjoy it. We talk on regular voip “lines” and record the chat on a regular off the shelf PC I picked up at Wal-mart. Anyway, we post the chats on the site in mp3 format, or you can even pick it up on iTunes....

May 7, 2008 1 min Fred Posner

Thou shalt not ride on Sundays

So I tried another Sunday ride this week… had a great run to Orlando’s house and then was hoping to get to Sonny’s for AYCE Beef Brisket (yum). Well, long story short, as we pulled into the parking lot, the phone started ringing and it was time to go to work. Saturday was the annual Orlina Cinco de Mayo party and this year will have to be one of the best....

May 5, 2008 1 min Fred Posner

Sunday ride to nowhere

So I haven’t been sleeping well. No real reason that I can tell… happens time to time… we all have it now and then. So, I know the one thing that always makes me really happy is to get on the bike and just go. So Sunday I put on the leather vest, grabbed the camera, filled the thermos with some water, and headed out on the bike to — nowhere....

April 21, 2008 2 min Fred Posner

Orange and Blue Weekend

It’s that time of year in Gainesville… the time where the gators play the gators in the ultimate fight over alumni donations. 😉 But, the great thing about Orange and Blue weekend, is that usually a good ol’ friendly alumni comes to town. This year, it was The Egan’s who graced our lovely town with their beautiful baby Grace. Had a great time smelling the flowers, eating a burger at Cafe Gardens, and hanging out with great friends....

April 13, 2008 1 min Fred Posner

Weekend in Gainesville

Another weekend with Yeni in Florida. Was great to have a visitor at the house but unfortunately the weather was less than cooperative. After a great visit to the University of Florida and Big Lou’s Pizza, we had a quiet evening in the house on Saturday and prepared for what we thought would be an awesome all-day bike ride to St. Augustine. Well, mother nature decided that the flowers needed some more water and the rain started before sunrise and never stopped....

April 10, 2008 1 min Fred Posner

New Rescue Me?

Rumor has it that Rescue Me, season 5, will start on Tuesday July, 1st (2008). I still say this is the absolute best damn show on television today.

April 4, 2008 1 min Fred Posner

New Layout is Live

Good evening everyone…. long time no speak. How you been? Really? Great… Well, I had been using WordPress with Fat Freddy Says for a while now and enjoyed it so much, that I thought it was time for an FISPosner.com makeover. So… welcome home Posner Family! (Can’t you just hear Ty screaming it now?) The new blog will have some more features than the other blogger version I’m really happy with WordPress....

April 4, 2008 1 min Fred Posner

When you wish upon a star…

Just came back from a great weekend in Disney. 🙂

March 3, 2008 1 min Fred Posner