To think I did all that

We know that Sinatra— hell, the whole Rat Pack— put’s me in a good mood. Why? Who fucking knows; but that’s neither here nor there. A while ago I stumbled on Sirius Satellite Radio, thinking it would make the trip to Fort Lauderdale go nicely. After all, how many years can you listen to Jimmy’s box set?

— Start Digression —
I bought my first brand new vehicle in 94. A Ford Ranger (named Bubba, Forrest’s black friend) that was everything I dreamed of—and more. It had a 6 disk CD changer, which after having a tape player that worked almost never, was something I had only imagined. The first day I brought Bubba home, I put Jimmy Buffett’s 4 disc box set in CD slots 1 – 4 and to this day (even with a different vehicle), slots 1 – 4 are Boats, Ballads, Bars, and Beaches.
— End Digression —

So anyway, after listening to the box set for the last 13 years, I decided to add something new to my trip—and this was Sirius. Well, in the last 13 years I’ve also come to appreciate the Rat Pack and truly enjoy kicking back a stogie (with a bourbon) and having good ol’ Dean, Sammy, or Frank in the background.

Why bring this up? Sirius is launching the Seriously Sinatra channel, which is great news to me. I’ve mostly kept the Buffett channel (Margaritaville) and The Coffee House in the background during the day and switch to Jazz at night (or just good songs like on “The Pulse”). But now with the Sinatra channel, it may just make working from the office even nicer.

Rothchilde en Tubo

I love cigars. Love them. Love them. I’m now making sure I enjoy cigars more often—the only problem being the local stores in Gainesville charge through the ass for the simple pleasure of a good cigar.

Take for example one of my absolute favorite cigars, Romeo y Julieta’s Rothchilde en Tubo. I love this cigar, and a year ago could get one for under 5 bucks. Today at Modern Age, the price was $6.24! As I paid for 2 of them, I kept thinking to myself, “you’re fucking kidding me.”

Sure, a great cigar is worth the money, but at over 6 bucks a pop, I’m looking at bankruptcy.

Ordering cigars over the Internet was never my favorite thing to do, but with today’s sticker shock I decided to give it another try. I chose Atlantic Cigar and the price was under 4 bucks per tube. With shipping (2 day) and humidifying products, the price was still under 5 bucks per tube—which is just a great way to end the week.

Fred sees Bridge to Terabithia

Several months ago, my beautiful, tooth-pick of a goddaughter told me her class was reading Bridge to Terabithia. Instantly, I flashbacked to Mrs. Krueger’s 4th grade class and what great books we read that year. Without a doubt, Mrs. Krueger is/was my favorite Elementary School teacher. She really inspired us to read, which unfortunately is something I lost interest in years later. That being said, she also had us read Bridge to Terabithia— which is still, to this day, one of my favorite books.

I’ve always been able to have a feeling of where a story was headed. Not that I’m skilled here or anything… I think that most writers are just predictable. So I think besides Bridge being a great story, my having been completely blindsided by the plot keeps the book fresh on my mind… even 25 years later. (ouch)

So when Emmy told me that they were making a new movie of the book, we promised to go together… just the two of us. This morning, I picked her up (bright an early), sat in the WAYYYY back, watched a lot of previews, and then sat back to enjoy the show.

I loved it. It’s not going to win any awards… not by a long shot. But I really liked the book and thought the movie kept true to it’s spirit and story. Sure, it was updated a little bit for time/date, but it was a good, enjoyable movie. Looked great and was an enjoyable movie to watch.

So it’s only February and I’ve already seen a movie in the theater… go know 🙂

Vocabulary — never my favorite subject

My sister (Hi) used the word “vacillate” today. I kind of picked up on the context but actually had to look up the definition (it means to sway from one side to the other). Which of course started me thinking…

And as I wait for huge files to transfer I have more than enough time to think…

I never really enjoyed vocabulary. Sure there were words here and there that “intrigued” me (legerdemain stands out for some reason)– but I’ve always seemed to speak or write in a conversation style. Hell, most words that I speak are variations of just 1 word. My favorite word… which of course is the F word.

Speaking of words that start with F, I received a great package from Kathy and Guillo today… a case of Fred water. This water is from New York and although it tastes good, my favorite part (besides the name) has to be the flask shaped bottle. You can stack your water, slide it in your car door, put it in your saddle bag, or anything. 🙂

Movies of 2006

Out of all the movies that came out in 2006, I can’t believe I saw only the following:

  3. CLICK

And even sadder— I only saw 3 of these in the theater.

So, here’s my take in 10 words or (much) less:

Cheesy, but liked it.

Loved It! One of my favorite Kevin Smith films.


Sad. Disney, so nice… but sad.

Enjoyed it. Tubbs lives.

Very good. You forget Tom jumping on a couch.

Most disappointing movie I’ve seen. It sucked.

Funniest movie I’ve seen in years.

A good movie.

I liked it. I don’t understand the negative reviews.

Not impressed.

I even bought the DVD of SUPERMAN RETURNS— just to see if I was too harsh in my previous post… and no, if anything I was too easy. This movie sucked. I loved the first Superman and this movie just killed it for me.

Sound of one phone ringing

There was a time when I loved phones… stories have been told of my parents and family walking blocks out of the way just to avoid a payphone (and a NYC payphone is still one of my most prized possessions). That being said, I can think of nothing that stresses me more than the sound of my once favorite object.

Who knows… maybe in the future, the sound of a ring will bring happy thoughts instead of the cringe that reacts instantly.

Last train to atkins

Since Forrest died, I’ve put on 15 pounds or so and it’s time to get back to losing weight again. I was doing pretty well… lost 30+, and it’s time to get back on track.

I lucked out with a great gift this year (from Martin) which was home delivery of pre-made low-carb meals. The first week’s worth arrived today and the first meal starts tomorrow. I’m on the 20g of carb or less per day so we’ll see how it goes.

Last time, the goal was 0 carbs / day, so hopefully the 20 ceiling will still be effective.

Go Gators

Greetings from Vegas and thank you to my Alma Mater, the University of Florida, for a history making domination of college athletics. And an even greater thanks to the State of Nevada for legalizing gambling and allowing me to make some change off of the Gator win. Why? Because when you’re a Gator, you don’t bet that the Gators will beat the spread… you know in your heart that they’ll win and then you bet accordingly. And what if you’re wrong? Then you blame the other guy and smile that you still beat FSU. So a hearty “Fuck you” to all the people who thought that UF shouldn’t have made it to the championship. The SEC is a fucking tough ass conference, and the big win over Ohio should let you know what time it is.

Bellagio is nice… room is great, very high class. Casino is a little rough. We’re not loving the dealers here and lately have been heading to other casinos to gamble… the other dealers just make it a little more enjoyable to lose your money. 🙂

And a big congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Oblander for tying the knot Vegas style!

He's home now

I brought him home yesterday and placed his bandana around the urn and put his favorite toy next to it. I’m hoping things will start to pick up now and am getting ready for the Vegas trip coming up on saturday.

I’m very thankful that people are letting me keep to myself right now. It’s still a little difficult to talk and I’m appreciative of the alone time.