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Hurricane Irma: All Clear

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TL/DR; We’re all good. No damage to the house (that we can see), power is back, Internet is back — we are very fortunate. We started feeling some wind Sunday evening and the rain hadn’t let up since Saturday night.

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Irma Path Updated

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This morning (2017-09-09), Irma has decided to take a westwardly stroll towards the gulf. This is very good news for South Florida, but less exciting for us here in North Florida.

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Riding Out the Storm

Posted . ~3min read.

Sometimes a blog post is an easy way of giving a group update… Last night the track for Hurricane Irma places Gainesville, Florida in the path of the storm.

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BBQ time

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Who’s in the mood for barbecue?

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Jacksonville, Florida

Posted . ~1min read.

This bear has quite the life.

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A Quick Look at my County Taxes

Posted . ~2min read.

Here’s the quick and dirty breakdown (I’ve rounded the percentages):

So, the biggest amount seems, by far, to go to the School Board. I spend over $900.00 on public education– and being that I have no kids, I think that’s very generous of me. Of course, not realizing  this until now is completely my own fault.

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Got Cake in Gainesville?

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Gainesville Wedding Cakes and More

In case you haven’t realized, Yeni and I have opened a bakery in Gainesville, FL. We’ve named it Dream Day Cakes and, well, you MUST COME BY! First, let me tell you a little story.

Once upon a time, in the land of North Central Florida, there lived a boy named Fred Posner. Fred, a large, rotund, bald boy, loved eating, riding motorcycles, and living la vida loca. Not so much listening to La Vida Loca but actually living it.

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More Cakes in Gainesville, FL

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Yeni’s baking away… and she’s got some amazing cakes made. Today she finished a Princess Slipper cake that literally blew me away. Crazy! [][1]Try this on, Princess

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Dream Day Cakes – Gainesville Bakery

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[][1]Dream Day Cakes A little self promotion never hurt… in theory. 😉 I have great news. Yeni’s been baking now for well over a year and her cakes are simply amazing.

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Charlie Crist – My Thoughts Pre Announcement

Posted . ~2min read.

Fight the fight or quit.

Soon, as in a couple of hours, Florida Governor Charlie Crist will announce a decision regarding his candidacy for the United States Senate. I’ve said it before, and let me state it again: I am a proud NPA (No Party Affiliation) Florida Voter. I have declared myself NPA my entire adult life, and I vote.

Although I voted for Crist for Governor, if he changes parties he will not receive my vote. He’s said before that he would run as a Republican. Then he said that he would “consider” running as an Independent.

Well, and forgive me for speaking to you personally Mr. Governor, here’s the thing Charlie. This is not a decision that you have to think over. This is simple. Either you have the cojones (balls) to run under your party or you don’t. If you are going to change your party, it’s being done for one reason — because you think you’ll lose.

Don’t spin this any other way. I imagine that if you change from the Republican party that you will attempt to spin it as the party no longer represents what you believe, or they’ve lost track, yatta yatta yatta.

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