I tried to buy an iPhone

It’s been a long time since I bought my first Mac and got an iPhone not much later. I like Apple for the most part. Spent a few years with just a linux laptop/desktop, but got a M2 Macbook Air last year and, well… I say all that to say this: For the most part, I’m pretty happy with Apple. Products are good, usable, etc. Don’t have many problems. Because of this, and since it’s been a few years since the Mrs and I have upgraded the phone, I decided to get her one of those new iPhone 15 Pros....

April 11, 2024 4 min Fred Posner

Taxiing on a Snowy Runway

You have to love technology today. My Blackberry can take video, pictures, and play MP3’s. Plus, unlike my iPhone, my calls don’t drop. Granted I’ve only had the phone 2 days, but I’m very impressed so far. This video is taken from my Blackberry while taxiing out to the runway at Detroit’s DTW airport. Sadly, we didn’t take off for another 3 hours.

December 19, 2008 1 min Fred Posner

Wednesday Schmendsday

No much to report on a very busy mid-week. We received a big snowfall last night, which found myself prepping Yeni’s car for work this morning. Can’t say I’m enjoying the though of repeating that action for the next several months. It was c-o-l-d, cold. Oh, and snowy. Last time I was near that much snow, Mom made me a cup of cocoa with little marshmallows — of course they were real marshmallows added to the cup… not the pre-mixed yucky ones....

December 17, 2008 1 min Fred Posner

Zippo on the iPhone

[][1] Screen capture from Freds iPhone We know that I love Zippo lighters. If the economy was based on Zippo lighters, I’d be a rich man — but alas… that’s discussion for another rant. Anyway, where were we? Oh yeah… Zippo lighters. Well, my new favorite iPhone app is the “Zippo Lighter” program. What does it do? It’s a virtual zippo lighter. You choose the lighter you want and using the iPhone’s motion detection you flick the lighter open....

October 10, 2008 1 min Fred Posner

Less bars in more places

So, the iphone rocks in that I can update this site and facebook while driving. But as a phone? Horrible. I’m dropping calls left and right. So much so that I wish AT&T had a custom call failed sound.

August 3, 2008 1 min Fred Posner

What's the plan, Stan?

So I’m headed back to Ann Arbor — and this time I’m taking the truck. So the negatives are obvious… First the Harley gives me great joy and incredible gas mileage. Then there’s the smell factor, becuase the mountains of Tennessee and Kentucky smell amazing from the seat of the Harley. But then there’s the other side of the story. The truck gets horrid mileage, True. But, the truck has space to load with boxes....

August 1, 2008 1 min Fred Posner

New design goes live

Was time for a change. Plus now I can post from anywhere using the iPhone. Like the gas station. 🙂

August 1, 2008 1 min Fred Posner

Heading out to Eugene, OR

So I’m flying the trip from Hell this weekend to visit my cousins in Eugene, OR. Will be great to see them, and to get there I will fly from Gainesville to Charlotte… Charlotte to Phoenix… Phoenix to Eugene… then Eugene to Las Vegas… Las Vegas to Charlotte… and Charlotte to Gainesville. I’m on leg one and when I landed in Charlotte, the power went out. So, after about 10 minutes all the computers came back on and 60 minutes later the air has yet to return....

June 6, 2008 1 min Fred Posner

Sunday ride to nowhere

So I haven’t been sleeping well. No real reason that I can tell… happens time to time… we all have it now and then. So, I know the one thing that always makes me really happy is to get on the bike and just go. So Sunday I put on the leather vest, grabbed the camera, filled the thermos with some water, and headed out on the bike to — nowhere....

April 21, 2008 2 min Fred Posner