Yesterday, millions of Americans voted to elect Donald Trump president of the United States of America. The close vote results, as has been the case for the last few elections, in a very divided country.

I’ve made no secret of my support of a “third party” candidate and proudly voted for Gary Johnson this election.

As I woke this morning, I found myself greeted with countless messages on how I “cost Hillary the election,” “threw [my] vote away,” “didn’t give a shit,” and so on.

Let me be very clear… There is no scenario where Fred votes for Hillary Clinton. There was also not a scenario where I would vote for Donald Trump. I instead voted for someone who most closely backs my political beliefs.

There’s no reason to get into a “who’s worse” debate between Clinton and Trump. They were both HORRIBLE candidates

I hear about how Trump’s going to ruin healthcare…

Well, before Obama took office, my wife and I paid less than $400.00/month for health insurance—for just the two of us. This year, it’s risen to around $1,200.00. I’ve not gained better access, not received better healthcare, and my out of pocket expenses are ridiculous. My family now spends over $14,000 a year on medical expenses before we step foot into a doctor’s office.

I hear how Hillary would be better to minorities, the LBGT community, etc…

Not sure why people think this… time after time, when given the chance to lead on LBGT issues, Hillary did not. She refused to stand for same sex marriage in 2008 when she first ran for president. When Bill was in office, Hillary strongly supported his 1994 crime bill—you know the one giving crack significantly stronger penalties than powdered cocaine—resulting in the highest jail rate of minorities in our history.

As I said, both Trump and Clinton were horrible choices.

Blame a closed primary system. Blame a rigged democratic primary. Blame a circus of Republican candidates. Blame GW for people not giving Jeb a chance… but don’t blame me.

Under no circumstance would I vote for Hillary. I’d feel no better this morning with her as the winner— because with either Trump or Clinton, we lose.

Now, about 50% of the nation did throw their vote away… by not even voting. Imagine where we would be if they voted for a third party.