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The Palner Group @ 20 Years

Posted . ~3min read.

Twenty years ago, I started The Palner Group, Inc. with the goal of providing technology consulting as a service. 2000 feels like a century ago (I’ve not thought about the millennium bug for some time now) and I’m using this anniversary to reflect on having this company for two decades.

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Stop Networking / Start Helping

Posted . ~1min read.

I read a great blog post from Jeff Archibald called Stop Networking. It’s a great read (and it’s linked… so please read it) and something I related to personally.

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Starbucks on Main Street

Posted . ~2min read.

Yeni and I love going to DisneyWorld — our one big spend each year is annual passes. We go as often as we can… not as often as we’d like… but we get there 20+ times a year.

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