Why I Hate ATT

I have a hate / hate relationship with ATT. A call I just had with tech support re-emphasized why I hate this company (and why we are leaving them in a month).

Yesterday (Christmas), Yeni and I took an amazing ride through Florida. We started in Gainesville, ended up near Daytona, and headed back through the Ocala National Forrest.

I tell you that to tell you this: During the trip, we noticed that Yeni’s voicemail was not working. By not working, I mean callers would not be able to leave her a voice message and we were unable to access voicemail from her phone.

A call to ATT received the “we’re not working on Christmas” message, so I called today.

The grumpy individual who answered the call asked what changes we made, etc. The tone was very accusatory which — although I get he must deal with people making changes often — wasn’t appreciated.

I let Grumpy know that we hadn’t made changes — just simply noticed that we had no voicemail for callers and were unable to access voicemail.

Grumpy then asked me why I had “disabled visual voicemail.” I told him I had no earthly clue what the hell he was talking about. I let him know we both had iPhones and that we hadn’t made changes — just looking to get this working again.

Grumpy was unhelpful and there’s no reason for me to continue drawing out the story… here’s the bottom line.

If you treat your customers like crap, you better make sure you’re the only game in town. ATT is not the only game in town, and we’re switching to another carrier.



Michael Graves 2013-12-26 Reply

At the risk of running afoul of the tenor of this post, a happy Christmas to yourself and Yenni! And a golden brown New Year! I presume that’s a good thing for a baker 😉

As to ATT….it gives me great pleasure to say that we’ve not paid them a dime since 2000. We did use SBC but managed to switch our phone service elsewhere when they were being bought by ATT.

Further, We’ve just passed 7 years with T-Mobile. At every turn their customer service has been good. Not perfect, but good. I suspect that such is much more important to an underdog like T-Mo than ATT or VZ.

Fred Posner 2013-12-26 Reply

That’s who I’m switching to… T-Mobile. Hoping to have the same longevity with them as you. (also… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year). =)

Kevin Bushong 2013-12-26 Reply

I feel your pain! In contrast, I have been trying for a week to order a phone from Sprint on their website. I ordered, the canceled it., I called to reorder it and they refused saying if it got canceled once it will get cancelled again. I tried to order to reserve it at a store. That process failed on the web 8 times over 3 days on 2 different computers and 3 different browsers. I tweeted Customer Care, put information the their Facebook page and even sent them an email. So far everyone has been really nice, except I still can’t get a phone. So why not go to the store and buy the phone, you might ask. Well, the price on the website is lower and they are waving the activation fee. Maybe it is the old bait and switch, since you can’t actually buy a phone online.

So good luck with a new carrier. I think the bottom line is this; there are millions of customers and they really don’t care about one! But, hey, maybe I’m jaded.


Fred Posner 2013-12-26 Reply

I guess we’re both jaded. Sprint’s service was pretty bad in my area. Bad enough where they let me out of the contract early… funny enough, starting my contract with ATT. Soon enough, T-Mobile and no-contract.

Kevin Bushong 2013-12-26 Reply

I love t-mob. I have them now. The customer service is great and the prices are fair and reasonable, plus no contract. My biggest problem is where my new job is located, I get no T-mobile service. The company can be great, but if they don’t have towers and 4G in an area, they might as well just not exist. I’ve had Sprint in the past and been very happy. For me, they have been great and work everywhere I go, but it won’t matter if I can’t get them to do business with me. 🙁

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