I stay home for Rescue Me

Rescue Me is the best fucking show on tv– that’s right… I think it’s better than The Soprano’s, Buffy, and whatever else I used to stay home to watch. This year’s finale of The Soprano’s killed me. It was such a good series and the finale ended with a horrible thud– great expectations with a… Continue reading I stay home for Rescue Me

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It's wet… damn wet.

Well this has to be a record… 12 days into the Hurricane season Mr. Alberto is knock-knock-knocking on Gainesville’s door. Generally, hurricanes don’t hit Gainesville with a lot of wind. The problem here, of course, it that Gainesville floods like a mother– and to top it off, we lose power on a strong thunderstorm (city… Continue reading It's wet… damn wet.

It’s not my jacket…

Doc Shenkman has a saying that he… well, he says it often— It’s not my jacket that makes me look fat. The implication of course is that it’s your fat that makes you look fat. Well, it’s hard to believe that in 2000 I was much thinner and had a full head of hair. I… Continue reading It’s not my jacket…

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Because I was asked…

At dinner tonight, I was asked a lot of questions regarding Federal Judges. In random order, please enjoy this information for your trivial needs. Number of Current Federal Judges: 1,700 Salaries:Federal Trial Judge: $145,000.00Appellate Judge: $153,900.00Supreme Court Judge: $178,300.00The Chief Justice: $186,000.00 Judges are allowed to supplement (or increase) their income by teaching. They can… Continue reading Because I was asked…

Introducing Grace Addison!

Isn’t that a great name? Grace Addison Egan born 17 May 2006. So adorable and doesn’t she and mom look great! Well, the newest child to be spoiled by Uncle Fred has entered the world. 🙂

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The record shows…

Tedious day really… work, school (first day), work, oil change, work, work, work. But… heard Frank on the radio which almost never happens– and to top it off, was one of my favorite songs. 🙂 And now, the end is near;And so I face the final curtain.My friend, Ill say it clear,Ill state my case,… Continue reading The record shows…

I have a blog!

Welcome to my blog… the FISPosner Blog. 🙂 While I try to figure out what I should post, please check out some aspects of my life that are imprtant to me, such as my involvement with Internet Telephone (voip) and eating.